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Numerology is a very eye opening experience of what makes you you. There are 5 Core numbers that make you up, in short although there are other numbers that work throughout your life to bring you ideals of what needs to be worked on or accepted and embraced to help you walk your path in life.  The 5 Core numbers are as follows:

Your Life Path Number:  The special path that you walk in this lifetime,  This number shows the natural gifts and talents that will allow you to fulfill your destiny.

Your Soul Number:  This is your heart’s desire and your inner motivation, what feeds your soul, and reveals what you long for in the depths of your being.

Your Destiny Number:  The purpose and direction of your life.  This number represents your calling and mission in life.

Your Personality Number:  This number shows how others see you.  It is the outer look you wear, your preferences, and how others define you.

Your Maturity Number:  This number shows the direction for the second half of your life.  It represents the “true you,” as you begin to live in harmony with your inner and outer selves.

As you can see numbers can reveal MUCH about you, things you may not have even realized yourself.  Here are other numbers that affect you.

Your Life Lesson Numbers:  These are the numbers which are NOT present in your name.  They tell of the lessons you’re meant to learn now to advance your personal and spiritual growth.

Your Pinnacles:  These are the four phases of your life that point the way to your highest achievements.

Your Challenges:  These are the four doors through which you must pass to reach your highest attainments.  The numbers representing the four doors define the difficulties and challenges you must confront.

Your Major Life Cycles:  These are the three divisions of your life that tell of the major themes governing your time here on Earth.  These three numbers help to give meaning and focus to your Pinnacles and Challenges.

Your Personal Year: This number tells you where to focus your energy for each year.  The Personal Year Number indicates what you must face and accomplish to live in harmony with the natural flow of the year.

Your Personal Months and Days: These numbers tell you what to expect and how to organize around coming events, and identify the theme for each month or day.

Your Birthday Number:  This number indicates a special talent you possess.  It also shows a particular lesson you are trying to learn in this lifetime.


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